2022 Wedding Flower Trends

With many 2021 celebrations disrupted due to covid-19, year 2022 is set to be a busy year. So, what gorgeous blooms are we expecting to see gracing aisles and bouquets?

flowers for wedding

Intimate weddings with meaningful arrangements
All the cancellations and postponements of 2021 means many couples are now more focused on what really matters: a party of love with their dearest. That, plus possible restrictions on gatherings, means we expect to see more micro weddings in 2022. But that doesn’t mean micro flowers. Instead, we expect couples to put even more thought into their blooms – making sure they’re meaningful and appropriate for creating an intimate atmosphere.


Table Flower

With guests having a lot to catch up on after so much time apart, we think weddings in 2022 will prioritise conversation over soaring centrepieces. Long tables with low level arrangements will be order of the day. These arrangements are beautiful, they allow guests to chat easily, and there’s no danger of anyone’s hat catching on a tall candle.

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Make it scent-sational
Expect weddings to smell as good as they look in 2022. We predict brides will be asking for scented blooms to fill their big day with aromatic appeal. Whether couples want to recreate treasured memories, like the smell of a childhood garden, or just ensure their day is a full sensory experience, the celebrations should be a treat for the nose.