Flower Care Tips - Care for Roses

Roses flowerAfter you have unpacked your flower, it is time to get to work caring for your fresh cut flowers. While your blooms will brighten up your home straight out of the box, it never hurts to provide your flowers with some extra love.

Pretty Up the Petals
Once you have unpacked your roses, you might think the unwrapping process is over. You have removed the plastic sleeve and rubber bands, letting your flower break free. However, there is one more protective element to remove, because some flowers have built-in protection!

Roses have outer petals called guard petals. As the name suggests, they protect the rest of the rose from damage.

When you look at your roses, you may see that the outer petals are bruised or torn. If so, rejoice! This means that the guard petals have done their job.

Since your home will be a safe place for your roses, it is safe to remove the guard petals. Not only will this give your roses a fresh look, but it will also prevent the flowers from sending energy to the damaged petals.

Removing the guard petals is easy. Simply grasp each petal at the base and give a gentle tug. Once you are done, you will be left with a gorgeous, damage-free rose!

This is it! By following these few care tips, your roses will thrive in their new home. And best of all, your hard work will be rewarded by beautiful blooms you can enjoy for days to come.

Your roses will thank you!