Choose The Flowers That Send The Right Message

When it comes to celebrating monuments and special moments in life, an SMS or a phone call is not always enough!

send flowers as gift

If a friend or family member celebrates an important time in their life, sending flowers is a more tangible gift that shows your intent in the sharing of their joy. Whether it's your friend buying their first home, your neighbour celebrating the birth of a child, or your partner has got promoted at work, a well-chosen floral gift is an ideal way to show your interest.

There are many beautiful moments in life, and it is essential to take the time to recognize and celebrate them when they happen to our loved ones.

Yellow Roses Signify Big Congratulations Flowers On A New Job
If someone you know got their dream job, sending a bright, cheerful bouquet is a great way to say "well done!" Yellow roses are the right choice because they symbolize friendship and joy. They look lively and cheerful and make you want to smile, but since they are roses, they also have an elegant and refined beauty. It's a great combination of feelings to wish your friend or loved one's good luck as they begin the next stage of their career.

Roses And Gerberas Are The Best Flowers For A New Baby
Congratulations Flowers and balloons have been a distinctive way to send the best wishes to the parents of a new child. If the youngest member is a girl, you can opt for traditional roses and violets: lilies, roses or gerbera are popular choices, alone and as part of a mixed bouquet.

The blue color is ideal for a new baby boy; an arrangement of blue iris that contrasts with happy gerberas and yellow roses are a great option.

Orchids And Mixed Arrangements Say: Congratulations On The New Home
Entering a new home is exhilarating. Flowers and plants are a unique gift for a house-warming. Potted orchids are the perfect greeting cards for a new home because they are beautiful, come in various sizes and shades, and can flower for months if properly cared for.

Another option is to send a beautiful composition of their favorite flowers in an elegant vase, ready to appear on the shelf or table to light things up, as they are unwrapped and arranged.

Roses Are Ideal Congratulation For Promotion At Work
Yellow roses are ideal greeting flowers for promotion, alone in a bouquet or box or as part of a mixed arrangement. A beautiful bouquet of sunflowers is another excellent option, as it represents warmth and longevity, an appropriate message to wish your friend or family member a long and successful career.

Including a gift card with a personal message of support and encouragement will make your gift more meaningful.

Choose The Flowers That Send The Right Message.
If you want the recipient to know how happy and proud you are of their life success, a customized card and a bouquet of greeting cards are a very warm gesture and will certainly make them "Awww."

If you are confused about the best type of flowers for your congratulation gift, we would love to help you choose the right flowers!