Elevate Your Life & Home with Terrariums

Calling all plant and nature enthusiasts. How would you feel about being able to raise a huge selection of beautiful plants, without the obligation of frequent watering and nursing?

Terrariums come with many of their own distinctive benefits in both gardening and interior design, making them a handy choice for all homes. It also gives you full control to have the benefits to their fullest.

For those who do not have the time, space or tendency to raise plants in their home – why not accomplish the same thing, just on a smaller scale?

Enjoy Gardening Without a Garden
Singapore is small, but we have a way to grow things without a spec of land to call our own. Granted, we are unlikely to be able to grow ourselves any food (maybe a tiny money plant?) but we can still get the same satisfaction of cultivating something we adore. Something tiny.

They are Easy to Look After
If you have an open terrarium, they will only need the occasional water and if you have a closed terrarium – they water themselves!

So you can go on holiday whenever you like, and rest easy knowing your plant babies are still thriving.

Purify Your Air
If you have a closed terrarium, this is less important (your plants will hoard all their clean air for themselves), but if you have an open terrarium, you can enjoy some freshly filtered air.

Unwind and De-stress
Plants are scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety. There probably are shrinking returns after a certain point, but a house with some plants is never a bad thing.

There are so many unique ways that terrariums improve our homes and our lives, I’m sure you have lots of your own! Shop our Terrariums here.