Most Popular Wedding Flowers In 2021

How will a wedding ceremony be without fresh flowers? Wedding flowers are essential elements of your special day; they add elegance, fragrance, or even a fun color. Fortunately, there are many varieties and types of flowers to choose from.

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Even if you intend to select a favorite flower, your budget, color scheme, and style come into consideration when choosing the right flowers for your big day. Reduce stress on your wedding day by selecting a regular bridal flower that suits your wedding's season and theme. It will be more comfortable and cheaper to collect a flower in season.

Limit your decision with our list of the 5 most popular wedding flowers. From timeless pink to the modern lily, these classics never go out of style. Carry your flower choice at the wedding by including floral details to save the date and thank you card.

You certainly will never go out of style with the classic red rose for your wedding, a symbol of love and purity. While roses can be traditional, there are plenty of ways to create a unique bouquet for you! Over a hundred various types of roses, with different colors and sizes, are available throughout the year, making them an ideal flower for any bride, wedding season, or theme.

Thanks to the voluminous flowers, full of hydrangeas, you can easily use one or two as part of the bouquet, or you can turn a few into a centerpiece. Their shape resembles a beating heart, so it symbolizes perseverance and emotion. Hydrangea radiates femininity and elegance in pale pink or white.

Hailing from South Asia and Japan, gardenias represent elegance and grace. These flowers are perfect for southern charm or summer wedding theme. Gardenia does not have a stem, so they are lovely floating in a bowl of water by candlelight, fixed on your hair, or even on the reception table for added elegance.

One of the most famous flowers, daisy, is in season all year round. Gerbera is the perfect choice to brighten up the environment and give a cheerful note to any reception. White and yellow are a typical color palette to use with daisies, but they work well with almost anything.

Baby's Breath
Symbol of purity and innocence, the baby's breath is an affordable option to include in your flower arrangements and decorations. You can have it in a bridal crown as a discreet lapel flower for men or to enhance your decor for a subtle and fragrant addition. The versatility makes baby's breath a popular choice at weddings.