Supporting The Independent Artisan Florists Community

It does not have to be a unique occasion; it is just a new way of saying, “I’m thinking of you!” Flowers mean so much. It is a beautiful gesture of giving them, or sending them, is a sign of love, friendship, admiration, and appreciation. And they make you happy and smile.

flower delivery

It goes without saying that purchasing from independent florists will allow them to stay in business. You can easily support them simply by calling them directly or placing an order on their website.

As always, when you support them, you get the individual touch. You can be guaranteed that independent florists are taking the appropriate precautions to send your loved one’s flowers with curating with the brightest seasonal blooms cut and cared to order to guarantee a longer-lasting floral arrangement.

Independent florists like us are also taking COVID-19 precautions, after all, it is your health and well-being that takes top priority with flower shop owners.

Here are just some of the ways independent artisan florist go the extra mile to show they appreciate your business!

Floral delivery drivers are equipped with disposable masks and gloves for each delivery.
Delivery vehicles, and floral design areas, are strictly sanitized.
Some local florists are open for safe flower arrangement pickups.
Safety measures such as these would make you feel assured in ordering flowers from them. And you will also feel good about supporting a local small business.

So, support the independent artisan florists community and go directly to the right source? Support them and support us.